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Did you know that there are other ways to settle a dispute than going to court? The methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) are processes that are adapted to your needs. They help to solve conflicts by dialoguing, listening and discussing in a structured framework with the other party. Arbitration, negotiation and mediation are parts of this set of solutions.


Mediation is a means of participatory justice that takes into account your needs and interests. It is often associated with a faster, more efficient and less costly administration of justice.

Mediation is a voluntary process. You can withdraw from the process at any time without being bound by the discussions initiated during the mediation. On the other hand, if an agreement is reached between the parties, it will bind participants to duties and obligations, and terminate the mediation process.

Mediation is a confidential process. This means that documents, discussions, and notes shared during the process are not admissible in evidence in any other context (for instance, in a trial) unless the parties agree otherwise.

If this conflict resolution process interests you, the Mediation Clinic of University of Montreal may be the solution to your problems.

The mediation clinic is a service for the community.

It is a place where mediation services can be used without paying any fees other than an opening fee. The clinic offers citizens the opportunity to resolve their conflicts by participating in 3 free mediation session of 2h30 each.

The mediation clinic is a learning opportunity for our students at the Faculty of Law. They can observe and assist experienced mediators in handling mediation cases.

The mediation clinic is a contribution to the world of scientific research. By compiling data, it contributes to the development of scientific knowledge about ADR.

Please consult our other videos if you want more information about the clinic. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding mediation and the clinic.

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