Our History

January 2016 - Art. 1 (3) of the Code of Civil Procedure provides an obligation for the parties to private prevention and resolution processes before referring their dispute to the courts.

September 2016: Professor Pierre Noreau of the University of Montreal launches the research project (ADAJ). This research gathers empirical data and thus advance access to justice in Quebec. One branch of the research project focuses on alternative dispute resolution (ADR). This branch is under the responsibility of Professor Jean-François Roberge from Sherbrooke University.

August 2016: The Cabinet adopts order in council 780-2016. The Minister of Justice, suggests the creation of a mediation clinic at the law faculty of the University of Montreal. The task is given to the administrative judge Me Hélène de Kovachich, member of the “Tribunal administratif du Québec”. The clinic is a place of expertise. It is a place where students can explore and discover different aspects of mediation. The clinic also helps collecting data that will contribute to the ADAJ project.

January-August 2017: Students are already involved in pilot projects: observation of settlement conference, presentation to future customer base, preparation of videos capsules in several languages for the website.

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